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About Us

Our mission is to create health tracking tools that are exquisite in every way. Tools that are designed with precision and compassion. Tools that are simply the best.


Chief Marketing Officer for Women's Health Startup

Job Location: Boulder

Job Description
Hi! We’re looking for the right person to join our team as Chief Marketing Officer at Kindara, a funded women’s health startup based in Boulder, Colorado.

About Us:

We’re a group of entrepreneurs, engineers and women’s health advocates committed to producing better results for women around their reproductive health. Check us out at

We believe in doing something useful and leaving the world better than we found it. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women better understand their fertility and get better results with their reproductive health. Now we want to help millions more.

The Role:

In this role you will be responsible for Kindara’s product and marketing strategy.

To succeed in this role you must be able to think and plan strategically, while also being skilled at execution.

Strategically you will be responsible for working with our team to craft a high level product and marketing strategy for Kindara, including major initiatives, costs, deliverables and milestones. Our product roadmap includes both hardware and software products and you will be responsible for setting and executing our product roll-out plan over time. This strategic role will grow as we grow.

After setting the overall plan, you will also be responsible for day-to-day execution. You will work with our team of engineers, designers, and marketing coordinators to get our product releases and marketing initiatives out the door and into the market. Although this tactical role will shrink over time as the company grows, you will gain invaluable customer insight from being on the front lines. You will measure results and course correct as necessary to ensure clean execution against the plan.

This is a great opportunity to take ownership of future-facing women’s health products and get them in front of millions of women to produce a positive social impact.

Who We’re Looking For:

First, we’re looking for someone who is excited to be a part of the future of women’s health. Ideally you are passionate about helping women get better results with their health and are excited to create a successful company to accomplish that mission.

Second, we’re looking for someone with proven experience in a strategic product or marketing role. You will be working with our board, investors and CEO to devise and implement our product and marketing strategy and your prior experience will be invaluable.

Third, we’re looking for someone with startup DNA. Start-ups must move fast and get things done, and we’re looking for someone who understands how to take an early stage company to the next level.

This role is full-time and based in Boulder, although we will consider part-time-growing-to-full-time arrangements for the right person and circumstances. Joining our team will mean you receive salary and equity in Kindara so you can share in the upside as the company grows.

How to Apply:

If you’re intrigued, please email Will our CEO at or click “Apply” below

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